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Focusing on the things that are in your favor and going well for you shed light and hope for your future. 

Grateful Leadership

The grateful leader is hard to come by. We live in a world that is focused on “What’s in it for me?” and “Where’s my ROI?” Those kinds of question, whether we ask them out loud or not, drive many of us—Grateful Leadership is a book about combatting our selfish desires, choosing kindness instead, and owning our own path forward to success.

TJ Sweet, as founder of Never Stop LLC, is a business coach focused on helping leaders, business owners, and teams climb their own mountain—defining “success” along the way.

In his experience, he’s found that “success” isn’t reaching the peak, but the kind of person you are en route to the peak.

There are two keys to climbing whatever mountain you’re on. The first is to never stop. Take a breather, sure, but never stop toward the goal.

And the second key to true success? The reason for this book.

Practice Gratitude: Find joy

A native Missourian, TJ has a unique strength as a relationship builder to empower his readers with life breathing and inspiring words.

In his everyday pursuit of mind, body and soul connection he reminds us to see life through a gratitude and how learning to modify your perspective can have a profound impact on the joy you experience.

With a master’s degree in health care, TJ teaches his unique approach to mindful relationships within and across diverse work groups.

TJ is a leader of proper nutrition, fitness, mindfulness & yoga and reveals how using this multidisciplinary approach to managing self-care can have immediate and powerful effects.

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If you are motivated to live a life of gratitude and joy, this is your book! TJ’s method of challenging and inspiring through his daily quotes creates the foundation for living a life full of positivity. Highly recommend!!

Natasha Rae Parker

Great way to start your day. Helping to center yourself and reflect on what you are grateful for puts me in the right mind to succeed everyday. Definitely recommend this book to help you on your journey to find joy.”

Clifford DeGraff

“Where I use to see failure and disparity, I now see opportunity and learning…using these same models with my children now and seeing a big difference after school. You will not be disappointed with this book.”

Anonymous Review