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Jumpstart your process with customized personality profiles, face to face coaching, goal setting, and more.


You will get special access to podcasts that don’t get published to the main stream audience.  These will be interviews with other thought leaders and experts in different industries.


You will get access to educational videos recorded by our team.  The content for the videos will be related to mindset, habits, self-awareness, forgiveness, grief, relationships, gratitude, appreciation, optimism and living a life of purpose on purpose.

exclusive posts

You will get access to exclusive social media posts, newsletters, guides, and articles related to mindset, business, relationships, finance, and overall well-being.

social media groups

You will get access to our private Gratitude Academy facebook group.  We will be going live on the Facebook group and also scheduling mindset transformation educational sessions related to all topics of life and business.


what’s included?

Personality Profiles


Worksheets and Journaling

Face to Face Coaching

Group coaching

Goal setting and Strategy development


Are you curious about hiring a life coach or mindset coach? Here are some frequently asked questions about how a life coach can help you to help you out. These are just some of the questions that are commonly asked by prospective clients.

How is a life coach different than a therapist?

There is a great value in working with a therapist and with a coach.  What I focus on with my clients, as their coach, is helping them see who they are, identifying their goals, and helping them accomplish the goals they have for themselves.

DO you offer one on one coaching?

Yes, I offer one on one coaching virtually and in-person.  I have found multiple forms of communication work well throughout the week and I offer a consistent accountability program while I coach one on one.

Do you offer group coaching?

YES! I offer group coaching virtually and in-person.  I am able to coach the individuals and the team so everyone understands their value and the team grows closer together to accomplish goals.

What areas of life can you help me with?

I have a passion for helping leaders and people with living every area of life with intention.  I offer coaching for business, relationships, finance, wellness, and mindset.

how long do i get to have you as a life coach?

As long as the client feels like we are making progress.  I offer monthly programs, six month programs, and year long programs.  Whatever works best for my clients will always be the goal.

What type of clients do you normally work with?

I work with clients across every walk of life.  I have worked with corporate executives, school teachers, health care workers, business owners, married couples, and single people with and without children as well.

what kind of results have your previous clients had after working with you?

The results depend on the clients needs and goals.  I have helped people feel ready and confident to start a new business, start a new relationship, go back to higher level education, and achieve their fitness goals.  I have helped repair and renew marriages and family dynamics and have helped many people recover from mental illnesses.

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Audrey Rose

“When I reached out to TJ, I had been divorced for a couple of years and was beginning to consider opening myself up to the possibility of a relationship again, but also feeling very stuck because of my fear of repeating pasts patterns. TJ’s unwavering support, encouragement and positivity throughout our time working together gave me the motivation I needed to move out of my own way and begin to see and celebrate myself for who I truly am, and also realize that the steadfast person I had been longing to find was actually right there inside of me all along….Because of my work with TJ, I am now more self-secure than ever, finding joy and beauty around every corner, and optimistically open to receiving whatever each new day brings.”

Gen Lebonc

“I just completed 7 weeks in the Gratitude Academy program with TJ! I enjoyed all elements of the program and have definitely improved in many aspects of my life. My sense of self awareness, self love, personal care, and living with intention has improved incredibly in just a short timeframe! Even more impressive, I’ve seen improvements with my two young children’s behavior as well! Dinner time is a night and day difference for us. This program has even helped to serve and guide me in business, entrepreneurship and leadership! TJ’s guidance and positivity has penetrated my daily life and I’m completely overwhelmed with appreciation to him and his amazing program. There’s a lot of value in this program and I can see it helping people with many different needs, backgrounds, and goals! Your life can be transformed in just 7 short weeks with TJ’s guidance!”