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Gratitude is the foundational building block to every positive emotion we have. We are born with the ability to feel gratitude. Using the science of gratitude and the evidence based research, we will help you and your teams fully understand the transformative power of the effort we give when we are grateful for others.

The Gratitude Academy team has a purpose of transforming mindsets through face to face coaching, team coaching, motivational speaking, virtual speaking, and keynotes.  We are dedicated to transforming and renewing mindsets through adversity so that people can understand their value and the impact of their efforts.

As a published author, and gratitude and mindset expert, I will bring new life, energy, and connection to your next event. Whether it’s a workshop or key note, I will help you and your teams recognize the power of gratitude and the power of purpose.

Individual Sessions

I work with individuals to understand their mindset, help them develop a deep sense of self awareness and then help them accomplish goals they have by developing sustainable habits that cultivate improved self confidence and self esteem.  This is valuable for experienced leaders looking to find purpose and new leaders looking to learn how to lead with intention.

Group Sessions

I work with groups to build a grateful community and build relationships with people that strive to live a life of more joy and gratitude. Through coaching, I understand their desires, stressors, barriers, and goals.  As we work together with trust and intention, the mindset of everyone will be transformed.  

Virtual sessions

I am able to effectively teach your leaders or staff the power of our mindset and the transformative impact it can have on our lives.  We breathe life in to your teams and inspire them by helping them build resilience and focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with each other and with your clients.











Our 1-1 coaching sessions will teach you:

Self-Awareness: Learn how to develop a deep sense of self awareness with one simple habit

Develop New Habits:  build self confidence by building new habits that help you live your best life and replacing old habits that are holding you back

Set goals and create a vision: learn how to set goals, achieve them, sustain them and live the extraordinary life you are desiring

Feel and express gratitude and appreciation: learn the science and transformative power of gratitude and appreciation in your life and see how it helps you succeed in every area of your life

How to cultivate and even revitalize relationships with people you love

Our group coaching sessions:

Available in groups of 3+

Same great principles of our 1-1 sessions


Do you have a public speaking event coming up? Here are some frequently asked questions about speaking engagements to help you out. These are just some of the questions that are commonly asked by prospective clients.

What are the results of listening to you speak?

The audience will be inspired and confident to make changes in their mindset, leadership style, relationships, daily habits, and goals.  The listeners leave feeling full of energy and hope that things can and will be better and we have the capability to make those changes in our lives.

Do you offer a workshop in addition to a speaking event?

Yes, we offer follow up workshops for you and for your leaders.  These are offered in person and virtual.

Do you offer virtual speaking engagements?

Yes, we have been successfully delivering virtual speaking engagements for years. We engage the listeners by using brain science and have been able to help teams cultivate new ideas and energy.

Do you offer consulting/coaching?

Yes, we offer individualized coaching and consulting and we also offer group coaching and consulting. These can be set up on a month to month agreement to make sure you are getting the results you desire.

What kind of budget do I need to book an event to speak with our teams?

Being that we offer a wide range of services, this is a discussion we have to make sure our team can deliver what you want. 

do you offer one on one coaching?

Yes, we offer one on one coaching to help you accomplish your goals, renew your mindset, improve your relationships, or develop new habits. This coaching can be done in person and can also be done virtually depending on the clients needs.

do you speak to healthcare systems for leadership development?

Yes, we have over 17 years of health care leadership experience and a passion for developing leaders.  We apply real life scenarios to reinforce the successful strategies to help improve your leadership team.

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Make a Change

Real People.

Real Results

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the top executives in health care, insurance, banking, fitness, and athletics.  Our coaching and consulting approach relates to the most human emotions, needs, and desires that we have. We use a simple and elegant solution to helping you achieve your desired goals and to help you find purpose in what you do. We work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and have helped them develop habits to help them accomplish their personal, career, financial, and relationship goals.  We developed a program that is impactful for everyone and will be meaningful for each of you.

“TJ Sweet can bring immediate positivity and lift to your organization! Whether in business or personal reflection, TJ nails it with simple concepts that work. Transforming organizations, mindsets and conflict management are critical areas of success that are addressed with purpose and ideas to reach intended outcomes. We work in a competitive environment. Gratitude for the basics allows your unique differences to separate yourself. This amongst many others are key themes discussed in his riveting presentation that you won’t want to miss.”

Melissa Mason

GM/Vice President, GE Healthcare

“Where do I even begin! Tj has changed my life in more ways than I could ever explain. I did not realize it until one night I was sitting in a “how to change your perspective” workshop. The instructor was asking us if we wanted to share some of our experiences with changing our perspective and gratitude was also a topic that was brought forward, so I decided to share my story….You have changed my life by being you and sharing your passion and purpose. I can’t wait to keep learning from you. I am grateful for you & truly adore you!

Julie Veronneau